Original vs Post Processed

Generally, the photos shown on this website are "lightly processed", meaning if one photo is excessively dark, we will lighten a little bit so the photo looks a little more like all of the others. Also, we do our best to weed out really bad photos. With a digital camera a lot of photos are taken, and many need to go into the trash bin but it really depends on the time frame to get photos up if we miss an icky one. If you pick a photo that is really horrible it may need to die or if you want a little Photoshop work on it, like, "can you make my horse's mane all on the same side" or "get rid of the small child between the teeth of my horse" that may require more Photoshop work than we can do. Having said that....here are two examples of the "original photo" and the "post-processed photo" that you will receive after you order. AND, IF you want the small child taken out of your horse's teeth, we CAN do that...it just won't be free or even sorta free. Thanks a lot and please let us know if we can help you in other ways.

Original Photo

Post-Processed Photo